Graphic Design Portfolio

Ancient Wonders Icon Set

July 2021

To the right is a set of four icons depicting simplified ancient wonders of the world. The wonders shown are the Great Pyramids, Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Stonehenge, and the Parthenon.

Fox in Snow

23 June 2021

In my Adobe Illustrator class that I took in June, my last assignment was to draw an animal using the brushes in Illustrator. I chose to draw a fox. The photo I used as a guide had the fox in a very simple pose. I digitally painted the fox with a lot of individual strokes. After drawing the fox and tweaking it to my liking, I added the simple navy background to ground the fox so that it wasn’t just floating in nothing.

Hometown Olympics Design

26 April 2021

In my Design class, my professor had us create a logo for the Olympics as if it was going to be in our hometown or a city we know well. Since my hometown is Austin, Texas, I chose that because of the various iconography I could use. Austin is a very diverse city with a melting pot of different cultures coming together.

Austin is known as the Live Music Capital of the World and since country music is a big part of Texan culture, I chose to use an acoustic guitar as the main element of the logo. I got the colors from a mural on 6th street.

Bar Coaster Design

26 March 2021

In my Design class this semester, we were asked to create a bar coaster design based on an item/story that holds a lot of meaning for me and my family. My mom’s uncle had a Ford Model T prototype. This car was one of only two ever made. My parents currently own the one that my mom’s uncle had and it’s still functional, even after over 100 years since it was first built.

Shirt Designs for Austin City Limits Music Festival


In my Graphic Design course in community college, one of the projects was designing t-shirts for the ACL festival. It gave the class the chance to try designing t-shirts and then, if we chose to, we could submit it to the ACL fest organization to potentially have our designs be the official t-shirt for the festival. To the right are the two designs I came up with.

Austin Symphony Fliers


In my high school Graphic Design course, we were tasked with creating hypothetical fliers for the Austin Symphony’s Halloween show. The assignment had us find image on Google that fit the theme and image trace them to create the background. We were given the logos to use and the body text and show info in advance for the project. For the Maestro logo, we did have to use the pen tool for the swirled lines connecting the A and R letters. To the right are the two fliers I came up with.

Holiday Greeting Cards


In my high school Graphic Design course, we were tasked with a project of creating Christmas/Holiday themed greeting cards in a similar theme as the “Greetings from Austin” mural in Austin, TX. We took some images of Texan symbols and superimposed them onto the letters of “Texas”. To the right is what I came up with. I switched the red/green colors to create 2 versions of the card so visualize the differences that the colors would make in each spot.