Experimental Photography: Chlorophyll Prints

Chlorophyll printing is a photographic process that uses leaves to develop an image. To create a chlorophyll print, you would need to first print the desired image onto transparent sheets. Then, you’ll need to get a leaf that was recently living and put the sheet on top of the leaf in a contact frame. A contact frame is something that will hold the leaf and transparent sheet in place during the process. Then the leaf needs to sit in the sun for several hours to a few days. I had mine sit in the sun for around 4 days I believe.

Nature quote

This chlorophyll print turned out really well. Even though the letters of the quote aren’t as sharp/defined as I would’ve liked, I can still read it so I say that this was a success.

The quote I chose to print on the leaf says “Nature is not a place to visit. It is home. “

Heart blob

This was supposed to be a heart but the ink ended up spreading around cause it didn’t stick to the transparency film very well. So the heart kind of turned into a blob. It’s still interesting looking to me.


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