Experimenting with editing

In the past, I would usually edit the photos I take true to color. Basically I would adjust the exposure, white balance, levels, etc to make the photo as true to its actual color as possible. While I still do that, I’m also experimenting with editing photos more stylistically and in a way that’s more interesting to look at.

Squirrel on my university campus

September 2020

While working on a photography assignment for my photography course, I came across this squirrel. I was able to get several good photos of the little guy. But I decided not to edit true to color for it, which is what I would normally do. Instead, I wanted to edit in a warm autumn vibe. So I muted the greens and brightened the oranges, to put it simply. I did this on one of the photos first and I ended up loving what I did. So I made it a preset for myself and applied, with some tweaks due to differing light, to the rest of the photos. That way, all the photos would have the same vibe and coloring in the end. I’m hoping to perfect this preset over time to make more universal, but I think I have a good start on it.

Software: Adobe Lightroom Classic

Equipment: Canon 70D DSLR, 18-55mm EFS lens


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