Experimental Photography: Phytograms

My final project in my Experimental Darkroom class this semester was on phytograms. The project consisted of creating the phytograms themselves and then creating a video from those images where the video becomes an art piece. Phytograms are a cameraless photography process that use Black and White film and plants to create images. The processContinue reading “Experimental Photography: Phytograms”

Experimental Photography: Anthotypes

Anthotypes are images created using photosensitive material from plants on paper. To create images with this process, you first need to create a juice of sorts out of plants/fruits/organic material. When you’ve mashed up the plant material, you’ll need to strain it through coffee filters/cheese cloth/etc. to get any solids out of the juice. ThenContinue reading “Experimental Photography: Anthotypes”

Experimental Photography: Cyanotypes

I’m taking a class on Experimental Darkroom Photography this semester. It’s a class that’s all about different ways of creating images without a digital camera. One of the first photography techniques I learned was Cyanotypes. A Cyanotype is a process that uses a cyan-blue print that utilizes the sun to expose the image. You’ve likelyContinue reading “Experimental Photography: Cyanotypes”