Experimental Photography: Cyanotypes

I’m taking a class on Experimental Darkroom Photography this semester. It’s a class that’s all about different ways of creating images without a digital camera. One of the first photography techniques I learned was Cyanotypes. A Cyanotype is a process that uses a cyan-blue print that utilizes the sun to expose the image. You’ve likely already seen examples of cyanotypes if you’ve seen architectural blueprint examples.


For my first cyanotype, I took frozen raspberries and smooshed them down using a piece of acrylic that I got from my cyanotype kit. I flattened them down so that they wouldn’t roll around during the exposing time. Flattening the fruit also allowed more detail to show in the final image.


For the second cyanotype, I used frozen sliced strawberries. I chose pre-sliced strawberries to save time on preparing the cyanotype. I chose to arrange the strawberries in a wavy line to add intrigue in the image. There isn’t much detail from the strawberries, but the shapes still vaguely resemble the fruits.


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