Experimental Photography: Phytograms

My final project in my Experimental Darkroom class this semester was on phytograms. The project consisted of creating the phytograms themselves and then creating a video from those images where the video becomes an art piece. Phytograms are a cameraless photography process that use Black and White film and plants to create images. The processContinue reading “Experimental Photography: Phytograms”

Experimental Photography: Anthotypes

Anthotypes are images created using photosensitive material from plants on paper. To create images with this process, you first need to create a juice of sorts out of plants/fruits/organic material. When you’ve mashed up the plant material, you’ll need to strain it through coffee filters/cheese cloth/etc. to get any solids out of the juice. ThenContinue reading “Experimental Photography: Anthotypes”

Experimental Photography: Cyanotypes

I’m taking a class on Experimental Darkroom Photography this semester. It’s a class that’s all about different ways of creating images without a digital camera. One of the first photography techniques I learned was Cyanotypes. A Cyanotype is a process that uses a cyan-blue print that utilizes the sun to expose the image. You’ve likelyContinue reading “Experimental Photography: Cyanotypes”

Project: Portfolio

My final project for my photography class was putting together a portfolio that had a specific theme. I decided to take photos at golden hour to showcase how that specific lighting affects color in photos. Golden hour is my favorite time to take photos because of the warm hue that is added to the subjects from the sunlight.

Diptych Practice

One of my latest photography assignments involved creating either diptychs or triptychs. Diptychs are pieces of art that essentially come in two parts, triptychs have three parts. It’s basically two or three photographs that go together thematically or literally(by incorporating the passage of time, for example).

Project: Still Life

My most recent project in my photography class was pretty simple in concept. Set up some still life shots. I honestly was kind of excited about this project because it felt like I could be a bit more creative with these photos. I even went out and bought some props and a bedsheet for a budget “photo studio” setting. While shooting, my only struggle was lighting. My apartment doesn’t get the best natural lighting so I had to have all my living room/kitchen lights on and my ottlite lamp to get good lighting. But it worked out in the end.

Light Practice

My latest assignment in my photography class honestly was a bit of a struggle. So the assignment said to take photos of one place in different light conditions, i.e. different times of the day. Because of the current pandemic, I am almost constantly inside my apartment rather than on my university campus. I personally didn’t want to spend 12-ish hours on my campus. Not only would it be kinda freaky being on a relatively empty campus, but wearing a fabric mask for that long would eventually get uncomfortable. So instead I took photos of my desk.

Night Photography Practice

My latest assignment in my photography class was on night photography. Taking photos at night is kind of difficult because the camera has to let in enough light to get the photo without cranking up the ISO too high. If the ISO is really high, then the photos can become very grainy/noisy. So shutter speed and aperture settings need to be adjusted in a way to let in as much light as possible to get the shots.

Project: Sense of Place

I recently got my first photography project assigned to me. The past assignments have been more along the lines of homework. But now I have done an actual project. It’s still relatively small in a way, since the number of photos is around the same as the assignments, but the prompt is more difficult than the assignments.

Motion Practice

For my latest photography assignment, I had to take photos of things in motion: freezing motion, long exposure, and motion blur. Freeze Motion The first part of the assignment had me taking photos of things in motion but frozen in time. I decided to take photos of a fountain for this. Moving water is greatContinue reading “Motion Practice”