Night Photography Practice

My latest assignment in my photography class was on night photography. Taking photos at night is kind of difficult because the camera has to let in enough light to get the photo without cranking up the ISO too high. If the ISO is really high, then the photos can become very grainy/noisy. So shutter speed and aperture settings need to be adjusted in a way to let in as much light as possible to get the shots.

University Campus at Night

My ISO stayed at 1000 the whole time I was shooting because my camera is able to handle it without adding a lot of grain to the photos. The assignment was pretty simple in terms of what photos to take. I had to take photos with indirect lighting and direct lighting.

I took my photos on my university’s campus because there’s plenty of photo opportunities. The different spots helped because of the lighting that was provided. The campus is decently well lit in many places so that was really helpful in getting my photos.

Equipment: Canon 70D DSLR, 18-55mm EFS Lens and 55-250mm EFS Lens

Software: Adobe Lightroom Classic


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