Project: Sense of Place

I recently got my first photography project assigned to me. The past assignments have been more along the lines of homework. But now I have done an actual project. It’s still relatively small in a way, since the number of photos is around the same as the assignments, but the prompt is more difficult than the assignments.

The prompt for the project was to document a place or corner of the world that is part of my everyday life and to use the photos to essentially tell a story of that space.

Sense of coffee

I decided to use my keurig to make coffee since that’s essentially part of my everyday routine. The progression of making the coffee to taking it to my desk to do homework is something that has been part of my daily life (although sometimes I drink my coffee in my bed lol). And yes, my computer said that it was almost 3pm. But that’s just when I happened to have the chance to work on this small project.

I did have to do some editing on some of the photos because of lighting and coloring(orange lighting wasn’t the vibe I was going for).

Equipment: Canon 70D DSLR, 18-55mm EFS Lens

Software: Adobe Lightroom Classic


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