Light Practice

My latest assignment in my photography class honestly was a bit of a struggle. So the assignment said to take photos of one place in different light conditions, i.e. different times of the day. Because of the current pandemic, I am almost constantly inside my apartment rather than on my university campus. I personally didn’t want to spend 12-ish hours on my campus. Not only would it be kinda freaky being on a relatively empty campus, but wearing a fabric mask for that long would eventually get uncomfortable. So instead I took photos of my desk.

The photos in the gallery to the right are in order in terms of the time of day.

The first one was taken in the early afternoon, which was probably my best lighting situation. I don’t get great natural light based on where my apartment windows are located, but it was good enough. The second photo was taken in the late afternoon. The light was a bit darker, but still doable. The third photo was taken in the evening, which was a bit hard because of where my window is in relation to the sun. The last photo was taken later at night, which honestly doesn’t look too much different to the previous photo, but I had to have more light from my lamp to get good exposure, given the circumstance.


Camera: Canon 70D DSLR

Lens: Canon 50mm EFS

Editing Software

Adobe Lightroom Classic


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