Project: Still Life

My most recent project in my photography class was pretty simple in concept. Set up some still life shots. I honestly was kind of excited about this project because it felt like I could be a bit more creative with these photos. I even went out and bought some props and a bedsheet for a budget “photo studio” setting. While shooting, my only struggle was lighting. My apartment doesn’t get the best natural lighting so I had to have all my living room/kitchen lights on and my ottlite lamp to get good lighting. But it worked out in the end.

Spooky Still Life

When I first got the project assigned to me, my first idea for a composition was wine related (note: I am over the legal age to drink alcohol in the United States). Thankfully, I happened to have some wine bottles on hand. After that idea came to mind, I went onto Google to find inspiration. I ended up really liking the still life paintings that had a darker or spookier tone to them. So, I decided to make that my theme for the project. I used Halloween decor and props that worked well for the dark/spooky theme. And the photos to the right are the ones I chose as my best ones.


Camera: Canon 70D DSLR

Lens: Canon 50mm EFS

Editing Software

Adobe Lightroom Classic


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