Diptych Practice

One of my latest photography assignments involved creating either diptychs or triptychs. Diptychs are pieces of art that essentially come in two parts, triptychs have three parts. It’s basically two or three photographs that go together thematically or literally(by incorporating the passage of time, for example).

I decided to do more literal diptychs because it was a bit easier to do within my apartment. I don’t often leave my apartment unless necessary because of the pandemic so I try to do as much of my photography at my apartment when possible.

Hot Chocolate diptych

This diptych is very literal. I made hot chocolate and took a photo before and after drinking it. It shows a literal passage of time.

Banana Bread diptych

This one is also pretty literal. Showing all the ingredients for a banana bread recipe and the final bread in a sense shows a passage of time.


Camera: Canon 70D

Lens: Canon 50mm EFS

Editing software

Adobe Lightroom Classic

Adobe Photoshop


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