Project: Portfolio

My final project for my photography class was putting together a portfolio that had a specific theme. I decided to take photos at golden hour to showcase how that specific lighting affects color in photos. Golden hour is my favorite time to take photos because of the warm hue that is added to the subjects from the sunlight.

Golden Light

All of these photos were taken at the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens. Most of these were featured in my last post about the Holiday at the Arboretum event there, but I used them for my project as well. Some of these photos are also featured in my portfolio page under a slightly different series name. Even though some of these photos are repeated on my blog, I still wanted to do a post about my portfolio project.

I originally didn’t know what I was gonna do for my last photography project when it was first assigned. But after going to the Arboretum, I realized that I had several photos that worked really well together. I didn’t necessarily to to the Arboretum with any intentions for my project, but I think that made the photos feel a bit more authentic and natural since I took them without stressing over the project and the theme I ended up going with.


Camera: Canon 70D

Lens: Canon 50mm EFS

Editing Software

Adobe Lightroom


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