Motion Practice

For my latest photography assignment, I had to take photos of things in motion: freezing motion, long exposure, and motion blur.

Freeze Motion

The first part of the assignment had me taking photos of things in motion but frozen in time. I decided to take photos of a fountain for this. Moving water is great for freezing motion or even long exposure.

Long Exposure

Long exposure photos just means that the shutter is slowed down significantly to capture the motion of something. Doing a long exposure of water can give it a softer look to it because of the motion.

Motion Blur

This part of the assignment required me to take a photo of a person in motion to get motion blur. My boyfriend helped me out on this one and skated in front of the camera so I could take some motion blur photos of him.

Equipment: Canon 70D DSLR, 18-55mm EFS Lens

Photos are unedited, however I use Adobe Lightroom Classic to edit photos.


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